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Sunday morning.  Its my Friday!  I have SO many chores I need to do on Mon and Tue, but I’m afraid that I will not get anything done.  I would like some rest on those days. 

I had a very nice morning with my wife Coral.  We woke up and then stayed in bed and just cuddled and watched twilight.  We first saw it in the theater and we both walked in thinking I would not like it.  But we were wrong.  It grows on my more each time I see it.


Saturday in the sun!

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Wow, this is so much fun!  Anyone interested in doing some Internet marketing and coming out to cool Subaru events, please email subarushawn(at)gmail(dot)com.

And don’t forget to see my twitter at

I went to PIR lastnight with Ron from Fast Specialties.  He is great company.  He showed me around for my first time at the event.  Event took me into the timing tower for the best view of the drags EVER!  He was great, but the event was even better.  

There had to be over 1000 entries.  Every thing from a cop car that looked like it drove straight from Mayberry into the show, to a clasic mini cooper.  There were Lambos, vipers and vettes up the WAZOO! 

If you want to have a great time for $5, check out and come on out, there are only a couple left this year, so dont miss it!

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Mt Hood Rally is coming up on Oct 24th!  You must be there!  Check out the details at their website.

Just got access!

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I just got access to the subarunet site and I found the greatest treasure chest of Subaru logo goodness!

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So last night was the big night!

We made Creamy Chicken Pesto Tortellini!

This is the bacon, and half of the chicken:
Bacon and Chicken

This is the bacon, chicken, and the first pesto injection:
Bacon Chicken and Pesto

Here is a link to the video of the Veggies and half of the pasta:

And here is the complete $75 version of the Creamy Chicken Pesto Tortellini!
pesto complete

Next we packaged up the donor portions.  Then we ate until movement was impossible and went to sleep.

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Well I’m back after a short weekend.  I worked on Monday (normally my Saturday) and played DIRT2 all day Tuesday.  The game is really good.  I features Travis Pastrana, Ken Block, and Dave Mirra.  It also features tons of subaru rally cars from the past and present.

Today I will be working with a guy who I know from the Portland Rave scene and NW Tekno.  He would like to get rid of his civic 🙂

I expect I will have my office set up this week, and that will be cool.  I have my own computer at work right now because I am impatient and did not want to wait.

There is a WRX out there that I really want to sell.  Its a 2007 WRX Limited!  I think I am going to go shoot some video.