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I thought I might not be able to see one of these at all.  They are so rare, and special.  Only 125 will be built.

The SE is intended for the true race driver!  The HID lights have been replaced with Halogen, the turn signals have been removed from the mirrors, the stereo has been downgraded to the single CD with 4 speakers, and the automatic HVAC controls were replaced with manual ones.

What has been added? JDM only rims, stiffer springs and larger sway bars from the JDM spec C.

So this is the rally driver special 🙂

This car will be gone in a day or two, so please come look while you still can!


This is a great video of Rob from Seattle.  I went to PIR when the BMW club was running, and put my GoPRO Hero camera on his car.

If you prefer the short version, watch up until they start racing, and then skip him passing everyone on the course, and start watching again at 2 minutes.

An STi and it’s new owner.

Posted: February 22, 2010 in New Owners

Please welcome our newest members into the fold.  Today our friend Neil traded in a Honda Civic Si for a 2010 WRX STi!

Neil says, “Thanks for the friendly buying experience there @ Dick Hannah Subaru. You guys ROCK! Btw, as if you didn’t know, my new ride HAULS!!!?

Subarushawn's office

This weekend is starting out with some great weather.  It feels like spring in Feb.

I sure wish we had experienced an extended snow event, but alas, with the new weather, comes hope for sunlit photo shoots and other similar fun.

Last night I met with someone who I think will be a great captain for the Subaru Race Drivers Club.  His name is Mario, and his WRX is hooked up with killer audio, and a HAM. Not the kind you eat, the kind you talk and listen on 🙂

Remember, we are rocking down here with the #1 growth for a Subaru store in the region.  So if you want a Subaru, please hit me up!

Super Bowl Sunday

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Rants and Raves

It’s funny, so many people watch the game, but those who CAN’T say they don’t want to.

I wonder who they are fooling.  I think they are just fooling themselves.

As most of you know, we had the only 2 Subaru WRX limiteds on the ground in oregon and washington.  Well now its down to one. 

The new owners have a Impreza 2.5 (seen to the right) and are adding the Limited WRX to the fleet.