Although the wind was strong, our quadcopter did a stand up job of capturing great footage.  Unfortunately, due to the wind vibration, most of the footage is not usable.

Here are some views from the service park in Dufur,OR featuring our #poweredbydickhannahsubaru team.  Thanks to FY racing, and Subaru Rally Team USA for helping us have a great event.

OK, so there is no audio.

And it’s pretty much just all the cuts.  No real post.

And the blades are flashing the lens, and strobe’ing lots of the shots.

And it was freaking awesome!  The Flying Camera and Rally Cars are made for each other.  I can’t wait to do more shots and learn more about it 🙂

We are happy to announce that, FY Racing will be racing under the Dick Hannah Subaru Flag!  This means the return of David Sterckx to the Hannah Rally Support Program, and the addition of FY’s founding driver, Adam Yoeman.

Dick Hannah Subaru, Rally Spoken Here!

We will be hosting David Higgins, David Sterckx and Adam Yoeman at our dealership on Wed 4/22 at 6pm for a meet and greet.  Come check out the Interactive Display from Subaru of America, and meet the best drivers in the biz!

More details to come, but in the mean time, here are some videos of the team getting ready for OTR

Driving Sports TV

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We Love Rally.  It’s just that simple.  In nearly every form, Rally is universally loved by Subaru Folks.

But just because you have the right car, does not mean you have the skills to Rally.

That’s where Dirt Fish Rally School comes in…

Our friend Ryan from DrivingSports TV had a chance to visit, and document the process of going from rook, to seasoned pro… or something like that.

Check out the results in part 1.

Egg Yolk Crosstrek

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Sunrise Yellow Makes me think of eggs.  I then start in with the humming. “Easy Sunday Morning…”


Can anyone name the guy in the red tie?


2015 Renegade Feedback

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As most of you know, I am happy to be a member for the Subaru community.  I drive Subaru.

That said, I am also happy to be part of the team working for Dick Hannah Jeep as well.  Today our first Renegades were delivered to our Vancouver,WA location.

We have base, Latitude, Trailhawk, plus plus plus.

I would like your feedback on the new rig.  Please come visit me and take one for a drive.  If you do, and provide feedback (to me) I will be happy to buy you lunch at our deli.

I want to hear what our Subaru drivers think of how these drive.  I am NOT look to hear what you think of the brand, how they look, etc.  I have plenty of that feedback.  What I am looking for is your assessment after taking one for a spin.

Call, Txt, FB, or email me, and I will set up a time for your test drive.